Join me as I create a safe space for us all to gather. Feel free to let go and to be 'you', your most authentic self, where all is welcome and you are held in love.

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to gather

Our in person gatherings are back! Harlow, Essex on 22nd September for the Equinox  , 26th September we gather in Kent - location TBA and a London and Southend area drum circle will be announced soon.

Why not join us at our free weekly transformational drum circle - 9pm on Sundays - live from facebook,  I also hold space in our Sisters of the Drum facebook group. 

to lead

To birth a drum is to bring a new drum into the world. It requires patience and dedication and with the assistance of the drum woman anyone is capable of birthing their very own healing drum from scratch. My in person workshops are  back. The next drum birthing is on 19th September in Bruton, not far from Glastonbury, there are spaces left.  You can also buy drum kits from me and use my step by step tutorial to create your own drum!

If the drums are calling to you you CAN birth your own. You can also visit my Etsy store to buy pre-made drums or commission me to bring your drum to life!

to heal

This retreat is so much more than birthing a drum. It is a 2 day deep healing journey. In consultation, we discover the essence of why the drums have called you and craft the retreat around this. Here you birth your drum and re-birth yourself. 

Previous retreats have worked with: ancestral healing, exploring the feminine, opening up to authentic communication, heart and womb healing and more.


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