Re-Birthing Retreats

to heal

This is more than just ‘making a drum’. This 2 day retreat is for those on a journey. From the outset, during the consultation, we spend time exploring what you need in this journey. I will listen and hold space as we find out what has brought you to the drums and the drums to you. We will then craft your own tailored drum birthing retreat. This is truly a gift to the self.


Re-Birthing Retreats

to heal


A 2 day healing journey

to heal

What would it feel like:

To be held in sacred space?

To feel safe to express all you need?

To call in the energies and guides that will support you for your highest good?

To birth your drum from the very beginning – choosing the hide, the hoop, cutting the drum head and the lacing and then weaving the pieces together?

To immerse yourself in your own healing journey?

Initial Consultation

to heal

Tailored for your needs

After booking and receiving the deposit we meet in person or via zoom for up to 90 minutes discussing your needs and building a safe and sacred space for you to enter into on this journey.

You will be heard, held and nurtured as we explore what brought you to the drum and how your retreat will take place.

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The Retreat

to heal

A space to explore you

As we gather we open sacred space, calling in the guides and energies that you want to hold you over the duration of the retreat. We set our intentions and work to birth your drum. We incorporate the elements you planned in the consultation and I will hold space to ensure that you feel safe enough to express all that comes forward as we work.


to heal

A sacred space to you

This retreat can take place at my home in Suffolk or I can travel to you or to a space sacred to you. There will be an additional cost towards travel outside of Suffolk/ Essex and any accommodation.


The Re-Birthing Retreat is time dedicated to you. You receive more than 10 hours over two days plus the consultation.
This retreat dives deep and allows you to emerge reconnected to your authentic self.
The fee is £495 and a 50% deposit secures your dates.