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Who am I?

So - Who am I? This is something I have been ruminating on.

I wear many hats and have kept them all separate for a long time. It feels right now to come together, to be me as a whole woman and to share these gifts I carry.

One big aspect of me is that I am Thedrumwoman.com

I make frame drums using hoops and hides, I heal with drums, I connect to others (particularly women) with drums and I use drums to channel and share the earths teachings and my guides magic. I run women's drum circles, drum birthings, retreats and events and I teach others how to hold drum circles in their unique way.

This journey started in 2012. I didn't know it at the time.

I came to the drum through Reiki Drumming with Sarah Gregg and was instantly hooked on the power of the drum to take us deeper in our healing, to open up other worlds and dimensions and its power to bring people together in love and joy.

I went on to soak up as much as I could about sound healing and using the drum to journey, to heal.

I made my own in a workshop with Jonathan Weekes and bought more.

I started doing Sound baths and realised that the drum for me was taking centre stage. That when I drummed words span round my head and stuck in my throat and I started to let them out. That I needed to move around and the drum beat changed for the people I was close to. I noticed voices that were not mine, songs that had human sounds coming from the drum and more.

I'm really visual and could see energies moving around the space. The drum and the song and the words just weaving healing and raising vibrations, clearing things and opening things.

I started a women's drum circle and was amazed at the depth of connection that came from drumming together.

I found that to drum intuitively, from our soul, opens us up and by opening we can express ourselves authentically, we can clear and heal and drop that which has laid heavy on our hearts and shoulders and in our wombs. The friendships I and the other sisters have made from drumming with others are amazing and meeting other magical drumming women has been powerful!

There is space with the drums to cry, to shout, to sing, to dance, to explore what is needed and what needs to leave.

When I was learning womb massage I brought a drum with me. Little did I know we would need it as deep healing called for the drum to move some strong energy. It was another initiation into using the drum for healing, clearing, moving.

I worked more and more with the drum and learned to make them with Lynn Gosney. Here something lit up. A desire to make more. It was like my hands had rediscovered something.

I bought materials and spent hours and hours experimenting, making, having breakages, going wrong and learning how to fix them, deepening into the practice of creating a frame drum.

And I started to run drum birthings. It was here that the drums started communicating even louder. Sharing what they wanted to look like, how many strands and handles and what patterns or ceremony or attachments they needed.

Working with people to bring their drum to life, the one they've been dreaming about, seeing

everywhere, hearing, feeling ...its an honour. I know what these drums can do. I know that they come forwards as our healers and teachers.

And as a tribe formed we began drumming the land, visiting sacred places, holding space, working for the collective, sharing our magic with others and forming Sisters of the Drum - women who drum intuitively together and our doors are always open.

During our closed drum circle I kept getting messages that I was a drum priestess. So many messages. I humbly accept this role.

and so here I am - thedrumwoman.

Ever learning, ever shifting, ever listening to the drums and how they want to come forwards and what they are here for.

I can't imagine my life without them now. Its as if they've always been here.

Openers of worlds unseen, callers of guides and energy, transformers of heavyness into light, transporters to ancient times, healers, teachers, guides, friends, allys...they are all of these and more.

I am Melonie...I am TheDrumWoman.

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