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Which Hide Is Right For Me?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I've been asked recently about the medicine of the hides use and how to choose the 'right' hide for your drum.

I think the first thing I note is that the drum really is choosing you. It knows it needs to be birthed or bought by you and it knows that it will come to you. So any choice you make is likely the right one.

When I had the option to birth reindeer or horse I straight away said 'Reindeer - Ive always wanted a reindeer drum!' My wonderful teacher said - well, take some time to think about it. Meditate on it. See what comes.

and so I did - and would you believe it - horse started showing up everywhere. it showed up in my meditations, in my dreams, on lorries going by, in stories people told me etc. It became so loud, that even though I tried to block it out and get the reindeer - there was no mistaking that the horse wanted to be birthed by me that day.

So - If you want to get or make a drum and you are not sure what hide, put the thought out for the universe to show you. Because it will and in my experience it will do so loudly!

Here we all are 2 years ago with my fresh and damp horse drum on the day that my life changed forever and the drums told me that I needed to make them, help others to make them and to share them. And they have continued to do so each day since! The lady next to me is my teacher 'Lyn Gosney'.

Below I give you the information I've gleaned from the hides I have worked with.

Animal Medicine: (all views are my own)

Stag – Often linked to Celtic lands and druids. The stag often brings new beginnings, they live with the cycles of the earth – growing and shedding their antlers. He is very much linked to the earth and the forest. The stag stands watch and feels like the gatekeeper of many things. In my work the stag has brought the medicine of unconditional love and opening the heart clearly forwards.

Stag drum

Reindeer – Reindeer brings the medicine of the shamanic peoples. Often linked to Finland, Sweden and Siberia they are ancient animals. They are herd animals who navigate different plains. They are adaptable. They bring the medicine of journeying, strength and endurance. When working with reindeer I feel I am accessing older magic and deeper healing.

Reindeer hide

Cow – The cow I feel brings a more feminine medicine. They feel softer in approach compared say to the stag and horse. The cows nurture their young. The cow is linked to the Egyptian mother goddess. The cow drum plays with the sound that travels.

Cow hide drum

Buffalo – is strong and associated to the wisdom of the elders and the wise ones. It is knowledgeable. It brings the understanding of when to move and when to speak and when to bide your time. Buffalo is watcher.

Buffalo drum with spiral

Goat – The goat seems to be the most versatile of the drums. It comes forward for all situations. I guess that links with the way that goats live – in fields and other terrains – even the sheer sides of cliffs!

Tie dye goat hide

Horse – The drum is often called the shaman’s horse. It is linked to trance and accessing other worlds. Horse drums move quickly and lead us to higher vibrations. When working with the horse I have felt the pace threatening to ride away with us, often energetic and with its own mind. It comes forward for release and deep healing. Horse image above.

I wonder if there is anything else you would add to the medicine of each of the drums?

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