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The day the drums made me release a soul

It was one of our regular Sisters of the Drum circles in London. We were immersed in our drumming, a group of us, all in our own zone, feeling the energy the individual and group were creating.

I looked behind me. We were drumming in a Spiritualist Church Hall. I could see spirit people sat in the chairs. That was a first.

I felt compelled to stand. As I did I looked past the people and saw a man (I say a man, it was a spirit in a smart suit, human sized with a big globe like head. Kind of like the Lycamobile man).

He beckoned me forward. I shook my head 'no'. He beckoned me again. I shook my head again.

'Im scared' I mouthed to him as I took a step forwards. He said it was ok. I continued to walk towards him. I realised I was crying as I continued to bang my drum and my sisters drumming somewhere in the background.

It took every ounce of my being to continue to walk towards this man. It went against all the things that I felt happy about. It filled me with fear.

As I stepped closer a second man appeared. This man looked tortured, in agony, petrified. He fell to the floor and held my leg. I looked to the lycamobile man. He smiled.

'What do I do?' I said...he smiled at me. He said I knew what to do.

I wracked my brains. I realised the man was a spirit. Someone stuck on the earth plane that should have travelled to the other worlds after death but was stuck here.

I told him it was safe to go. Nothing.

I told him his family were waiting to welcome him. Nothing.

I told him it was ok, he was safe. All he needed to do was go to the light. (I felt cliched) Again nothing.

And then a staircase of light appeared. It felt like it should have some cartoon 'aah, ahh, aaaaa' sound to it. It didnt.

I told him all he needed to do was go to the stairs, go to the light. He held tighter.

I told him it was ok, all that had happened, it was ok. He was safe now. nothing.

I looked to Lycamobile man. He smiled encouragingly.

I said to him in the kindest way I knew - you are ok. Follow the light.

and then the light moved. It went over the man. Then the man began to disappear. Bit by bit he travelled up the stairs into the light. Lycamobile man gave me a thumbs up. I was still crying.

I travelled back in the sound of the drum to the circle of women keeping their beats and sat down. The drumming ended. And then I told them all about it.

This has happened now more than a few times. I no longer cry. I know that the drums open us up to other worlds and I know that this was an important part of me accepting spirit into my life.

Now I am learning to be a medium. Learning how to communicate with spirit more effectively. It is fascinating.


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