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I broke my first ever drum

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

It was a strange thing. I had set up at the Feminist Library for one of our regular Women's Drum Circles. The women arrived and we turned off the lights, preferring to be candlelit. As I went back to my spot I trod on the drum. I felt it crack. And there was a serenity about me.

'I think I've broken my drum' the words came from my mouth calmly.

'It is the first one I ever made'

I picked it up and yes there was a dip in the hide. Looking deeper I saw that the hoop had cracked. Using a beater the drum sounded flat. It was clearly not very happy.

So, feeling strangely serene I went home with my broken drum.

I took to the internet and I found many ways to fix a drum. One was to soak the drum to make it pliable again. So, I popped my drum in the bath overnight. I really didnt expect it to work but what happened was that the whole drum became pliable and I was able to unpick and reuse all of the lacing and the drum head!

So I set to work with a new hoop. The video below shows what happened with the old hide!

So once I laced it all up and included the crystal I left it to dry for a week. This beauty is powerful! That Aura Rose Quartz shimmers through your arms as you play. I could not be happier with the result. An old drum, the first drum I ever made, sings again!

As a result of this I offer a 1 year guarantee on all the drums I birth or you birth with me. We can fix broken drums (as long as they were not broken intentionally!)

drum birthing, fix a broken drum
The old/new stag is next to the blue drum!

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