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Experimenting with Natural Dye

After the success of my Dylon Dyed hides I was handed a book on natural dye techniques. I was fascinated!

Picture of goat hide that has been dyed purple using Dylon
Dylon dyed goat hide

I happened to have dried elderberries in the house and these were in the book so I set to work.

I crushed the elderberries and boiled them up as the instructions stated. It was a good few hours of boiling and the water turned a wonderful purple.

rushing elderberries, boiling them up and popping the hide into the cooled mixture

Then I let it cool. This time I had elastic bands and wrapped them around the hide. I placed the hide into the mixture and submerged it.

I came back to it regularly - stirring it with a wooden spoon and was excited at the prospect of this naturally dyed purple hide I would have.

Sadly it was not to be. The mixture did not permeate the hide. I left it in for many days and had to remove it as the hide was turning. No colour at all took.

So it is back to the drawing board. Perhaps the issue was a lack of salt - which you add to Dylon style dye? Perhaps the hide needed heating? Perhaps something else needed adding to the mixture pre - adding the hide.

Ill let you know once I find out!

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