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Do online drum circles work?

Or is it just a bunch of people watching someone drum?

In 2019 I was called to start an online drum circle. It seemed like a way of bringing women together when they couldn't reach our physical drum circle.

I had no idea whether it would work.

The idea persistently arrived in my mind. So, thinking about how to do it well, I set up a protocol so that all who joined would know what to do and when to be there. I set up and event page so that the protocol be reached by anyone and shared it on Facebook and Instagram.

When the day and time came I plugged in my laptop, started a live stream and off I went.

I opened the space, connecting us with meditation, and started to drum - unsure of what would happen and how others would experience it.

It was a strange place to be, and continues to be so, the only one making a sound, watching the view count rise and fall and sometimes seeing a comment or an emoji.

As I drummed I could sense the gathered women. Feel the vibrations of other drums and the energy of others healing coming towards me.

It was a success!

Or so I thought.

Feedback was good but when I replayed the live stream my sound was tinny - like crazy robots! I felt for anyone that had to listen to me for 30 minutes as my robot tones filled their poor ears!!

Those who had chosen to follow the instructions and not watch the stream would have had no idea of it, lucky them!

After a few more technical sound tweaks I found it best to go live from my phone - it just has a better microphone and translates the sound in a more true to real-life tones.

So for the last 6 months, we have been gathering at 7:55pm UK Time on the Full Moon with our drums or pans and wooden spoons or our rattles or even just our healing hands.

We link in from wherever we are, online or offline, in bedrooms, living rooms, woodlands and more and we drum and send healing.

Some of us join by the live stream and others in their own space.

I feel like we have created and continue to grow a web of women connected by energy and sound. I see it in my minds eyes as golden threads linking us all, sending our vibrations down the web links and to each other and across the world.

Speaking to those involved, we have felt our hearts opening, heard voices and singing, felt surrounded in love, moved to tears and so much more.

So in answer to the question 'Do online drum circle work?' the answer seems to be a resounding yes!

Intention is, as they say, everything.

If you would like to be part of our next gathering join us on February 9th 2020 at 7:55pm UK time until 8:30pm. Its free and very special.

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