Melonie Syrett ~ The Drum Woman

I've known that there is power in sound all of my life.

As a child I tried out (unsuccessfully!) for the school choir and played recorder and trumpet for a while. At home, I enjoyed tinkling on my keyboard. I liked making up sounds and melodies and performed in assemblies, school plays and orchestras. 

In my teens I lost this joy, succumbing to the pressure of perfection and of fitting in with the crowd. I dropped the instruments but I did begin to discover my musical taste...an eclectic mix of rock, pop and metal, world music and alternative beats.

In my twenties, as a primary school teacher, I joined the kids guitar club at school. I once again opened to the sheer joy of making music! I spent time following pre-made patterns or by strumming away on my own and making up songs for the children. I think this is where I gained my real confidence in letting go and going with the flow!

I later joined a community choir and a steel pan band - which I loved! The sense of community in the steel pan team was amazing! We all worked together to bring about such delicious sounds and joy to all we performed for! It was just beautiful.

And, as all of this was unfolding, in 2012 I truly awakened to the healing essence of drums when I learned the Reiki Drum Technique

I loved healing with the drum so much that it began to call to me throughout the day. I drummed alone and then with friends, sometimes I drummed with strangers around fires and in ceremonies and it awakened an ancient feeling in me. A kind of 'I've always known how to do this' awakening!

Over the last few years I have opened further to the magic of the drums. each has its own personality, its voice. They call you when they are needed and they act as a portal to other realms. The drums gather people and entice them into their truest self expression. They hold us in a safe space as we open.

They call in angels and guides, ancestors and spirit.

The drum is more than a musical instrument. It knows who it was made for and what it wants to be. It has a purpose in this world.


How Did I Get Here?

Over the years I have trained with the wonderful Sarah Gregg, Don Conreaux and Tone of Life. The lovely Heather Parker was instrumental in guiding my way into Sound/gong Baths and really stepping into my intuition!

I learned to make drums with Lyn Gosney and I am forever grateful.

My singing evolved in workshops including spending time with Laboratorium Piesni

and I am one of the Thirteen Women singing on the album Songs From The Red Tent.

My informal training has been with the drums themselves, my guides and the circles and friends that I have had the pleasure and honour to drum with over the years.

I learn so much from you every time we gather! 

Freedom to roam | personalised drum birthing

So where am I now?

Now I have been called to work with the drum in different ways, to gather groups together, to enable the birthing of drums and to lead in the expression of our truest selves and to heal from the very depths of our being. 

I have been called to work primarily with women - bringing sisterhood and safe space, healing and connection.

I've learned that we should never underestimate the ability of the drum to open us up to alternate dimensions, reconnect us to ourselves and to support us in our healing.

I create drums that are for sale, take on commissions, run drum birthing workshops and drum circles and events. Take a look around and feel free to get in contact to discuss your needs.